Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Im sorry mum' ....
thats the word that many teenagers cant say 
why? because even though we know that we did wrong we are still too stubborn to say something like that ...
many teenager thought that what they do is always right ...
they are the right one 
what their parents say is always wrong 
for all who thinks like that I say go bang your head at the wall and think again!
you guys know that they love you 
soo why the **** that you wouldnt listen!!
your parents are teens before you 
they know how it feels to be teens 
how complicated a teens life is 
the relationships 
the studies
the pressure
the break up
the make up
the school
the exams
the issues 
the surprises
the jealousy
the love 
the hate
the friends
the parents 
all of that s a problem that a teenager had too face
and guess what ... your parents once feels the same way
they are now grown 
they know how to handle with those problems 
soo why didnt you listen 
i speak for my self as a teen 
im in the middle of those problem
my counselor is my parents 
today is mothers day 
why dont you go to our mom hug her or 'salam' her and say 
Im sorry mom...

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