Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love ...

Love ..
When Your in Love
To the world .. U maybe a person
But to the Person .. U maybe the world ..

Love is like a Glass ..
If U hold it Tight it will Shatter in Your hands..
But if U hole it Too Loose it will Fall and Break ..

"Liked u , I'm afraid to Love u ..
but now I love u I'm afraid to lose u"

Life is like a Rose ..
Beautiful and calm
But willing to hurt in it's defense..

Love is Missing someone whenever Your apart ..
But .. somehow feels warm inside because Your Closer At Heart ...

"If I has to count the reason why I LOVE YOU and
why I'M SO IN LOVE WITH YOU ....I'd Had to count FOREVER .."

"One day you will ask me .. which is more important? You Or My Life?..
I will say My Life and You will walk away from my Life ...
Not Knowing That YOU ARE MY LIFE ...."

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