Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hey ,

Hey , i dont know how often do u guys/girls read my blog
but i didnt post for quiet some time now
posting to say ,
i found a girl that likes me XP
but i'm not really sure about it ..
well shes rich , and im surely not
her ex-bf's alim-ness is something i cant beat(i think she still likes him)
also that being me thinking all this doesnt make me qualified to be with her ..
anyways , still keeping a happy face covering all this sick-ness and confused body and mind
1 more thing , i dont really have a friend now ,maybe 1 or 2 but its not the same
i dont know how to deal with it , haha thinking about the friends problem is spiking my migraine
my head hurts like hell! , 1 day at school i tried to talk to them but kinda feels an unwanted aura coming from them so i just walk away..
thanks for some guys who still talks to me ..
tommorow going to KL alone , just taking a walk and watch movies and stuff ..
so .. there , bye . thanks

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